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    Slots can claim the title of the most played Casino Game in the world and even though there are millions of people that play Free Slots on a daily basis, there are not many that know about the Slots Bonuses you can use to play the games with. For this reason, we here at FreeSpinsSlots.net have put together the definitive guide to Slots Bonuses so you the player, can get to grips with the brilliance that is the Casino Bonus and the various ways you can use it when playing your favourite Free Online Slots Game.

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    Slots Bonuses explained

    Slots Bonuses will allow you to Play Online Slot Games for Free and even though this sounds simple enough, there is a lot more to them than you could ever imagine. Besides allowing you to enjoy a few Free Spins on your favourite Slot Machine, the bonuses will also give you an in-depth view of the casino you’re currently visiting. They will allow you to take a guided tour and try out the various aspects of the casino, such as the games, the banking methods, the customer service and the security, to make sure that the casino you’re visiting, will in fact be one that you could see yourself visiting again.

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    The Different Types of Bonuses

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    To get a Slots Bonus, you will first need to find an Online Casino that appeals to you and to make things a little easier for you, we have compiled a list of the Best Online Casinos for you to choose from on our Casinos Page. Once you have chosen your preferred casino or casinos, you then be able to choose the Casino Bonus that suits your specific needs and the specific Free Online Slots Game you would want to play. The most common Casino Bonuses on offer are:

    • Sign Up or Welcome Bonus
    • Free Play Bonus
    • No Deposit Bonus
    • Deposit Bonus
    • Free Spins Bonus
    • VIP Bonus or High Roller Bonus
    • Refer a Friend Bonus
    • Cash Back Bonus

    The easiest way to claim your Online Slots Bonus would be to click on the preferred bonus upon the completion of the sign up process, or simply wait for the casino to add your casino bonus to your existing credits. If you have chosen an Online Casino that offers their players Casino Bonus Codes instead of regular casino bonuses, you will need to find the code and type it into the reserved space on your casino account page.

    Casino Bonuses vs. Casino Bonus Codes

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    Casino Bonuses and Casino Bonus Codes work in much the same way, with the exception of the market they are focused at. Casino Bonus Codes are primarily reserved for players from the United States of America and a few of the surrounding countries. Casino Bonuses on the other hand are used worldwide, including by people from the US. The separation of the two occurs because not all Online Casinos can offer Free Slot Games to players from the US and the few casinos that do, want to make sure that they separate themselves from the rest with the best way to do this is to offer Casino Bonus Codes opposed to the traditional Online Casino Bonuses.

    Benefits of a Slots Bonus

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    There are many reasons to choose a Slots Bonus that will allow you to enjoy a few rounds of your favourite Free Spins Slot Machine. Seeing as the range of Free Slots stretches both far and wide, finding one that appeals to you will be a particularly grueling task, especially if you will have to pay for each and every game, regardless of how long it will take to decide whether or not it is worthwhile playing. Using a Casinos Slots Bonus will give you the freedom to try out the various games or the various types and genres of Online Slots for Free, without worrying about it costing you a fortune.

    Secondly, Slots are the best games to play when trying out a new Online Casino as they are exceedingly simple to learn, understand and play, plus they have the added benefit of producing wins quickly. This means you will be able to view how quickly all payments done by the Slots Casino are completed and how quick, well mannered and efficient the Casinos Support Staff is dealing with any complaints or queries in the event of something going wrong. With all these factors taken into consideration, the Casino Bonus will have let you experience the Casino and the Slot Games on offer, as well as the Banking Methods, Security and Support, all before you have spent a cent.

    Slot Bonuses, reassurance personified

    As you can see, Free Spins Bonuses, Slots Bonuses and Bonus Codes are there to make sure that any time spent at an Online Casino is simply brilliant. They offer you an incentive to join the casino, they offer you the chance to play Free Slot Games (even if it is only for a short time), they allow you to play longer for cheaper and they will give you a boost, a chance to recoup some of the money lost if you’re experiencing a particularly bad losing streak. Slots Bonuses will prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that playing Online Slots at that particular Online Casino (whichever one it may be) will be one of the best decisions you are ever likely to make.